If you really want to know Shakespeare, you have to step inside his world.

That Shakespeare Life is a particularly valuable resource, an appropriately wide-ranging collection of bite-sized, engaging interviews that offers insights into everything from medlars to mandrakes, pirates to pumpkins. More than just a handy introduction, however, each episode, through its list of sources recommended by an expert on the topic, also offers a jumping-off point for further study that will prove useful for students and scholars alike.”

Kenneth Connally

University of California at Davis, Review for Early Modern Digital Review, 2023

“I listened to some of your podcasts yesterday and am impressed by the quality. I think it’s great that you are engaging serious scholars and doing this work.”
J. Lupton

Professor, University of California Irvine

“You have hands-down the best Shakespeare website on the internet, and you are doing such an incredible job of communicating Shakespeare to the world.”
D. Schajer

Shakespeare historian and author, www.shakespearesolved.blogspot.com

“I have been listening to your podcast and will in all future Shakespeare courses assign some of the episodes. Just so smart and fun and useful.”
R. Totaro

Professor and Journal Editor, Florida Gulf Coast University and Penn State University Press

It was wonderful being on your show again. It’s always such a pleasant and enjoyable experience!! Thanks for your kindness, professionalism, enthusiasm, and for being such a great champion of the Shakespeares!!!

Chris Laoutaris

biographer, historian, Shakespeare scholar and Associate Professor , The Shakespeare Institute