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Hello there, I’m Cassidy Cash.

I believe that if you want to understand Shakesepeare’s works, then learning about the man himself is essential. Through videos, podcasts, and writing, I go exploring into the life of William Shakespeare and share what I discover with you so that you can learn right along with me. I love coffee almost as much as I love Shakespeare. I live in Birmingham, AL with my husband, two boys, and entirely too many pets. You can read more of my story here on the about page.

Did Shakespeare Have Kids?

You may have met Hamnet, but do you know Susanna and Judith? William Shakespeare and his wife, Anne, had three children and one grandchild. This week, we take a look at Shakespeare's children inside this episode of Did Shakespeare. What...
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8 Modern Words We Get From Shakespeare

8 Modern Words That We Get From Shakespeare DOWNLOAD THE LIST BELOW! Ever had someone tell you they questioned if a guy from 500 years ago could still be relevant today? I have. So many times people ask me, "How do you read that stuff? Isn't the text too antiquated?"...
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Did Shakespeare Play Sports? King Lear and Football

Shakespeare wrote one of the earliest known references to the game of football. So for this week's episode of Did Shakespeare, we ask the question: Did Shakespeare play sports? Watch the full episode here and keep scrolling to read a brief history of football in...
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Did Shakespeare Have a Wife? Yes! Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare’s wife. Here’s what we know about her. She was born in 1556, and was 8 years older than William Shakespeare. We don’t know officially how they met originally, but there are rumors that Shakespeare was...
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Did Shakespeare Work for Elizabeth I?

There are many articles online and even history books that claim Elizabeth I was a patron of Shakespeare. But was she? In this week's episode of Did Shakespeare from That Shakespeare Girl, Cassidy Cash, we dive inside the world of Elizabethan theater to examine the...
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Did Shakespeare Drink Malmsey?

This month at That Shakespeare Girl, we are exploring a Shakespearean Christmas. This week, we are looking at one of the most popular breakfast drinks at Christmas during Shakespeare's time, which is Malmsey. It's a sweet dessert wine that, turns out, is just as...
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Part 2: Did Shakespeare Study at a Library? (A look at 17th century libraries)

William Shakespeare lived and worked at the start of what historians refer to as The Golden Age of Libraries. It was a boom of library expansion and establishment fueled by a culture which valued education and wanted to see knowledge found in manuscripts...
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Did Shakespeare Study at a Library?

This week at That Shakespeare Girl, we are taking a look at libraries in Renaissance England. Spurred forward by a debate I saw on the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Facebook page. They were discussing Shakespeare's authorship question (decidedly with the bias against...
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Did Shakespeare eat lamprey?

Each week on the That Shakespeare Girl YouTube Channel I publish an episode asking the question "Did Shakespeare....?" These episodes are intended in pure intellectual fun precisely because so much of Shakespeare's life is largely unknown. (There's a serious lack of...
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10 Important Things You May Not Know About Shakespeare’s Henry V

Happy St. Crispin's Day! On this day in 286, two twins Crispin and Crispinian, were martyred for their faith and later declared saints. While no longer an official feast day on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar, Shakespeare's play, Henry V, immortalized their...
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