If you really want to know Shakespeare, you have to step inside his world.

“I listened to some of your podcasts yesterday and am impressed by the quality. I think it’s great that you are engaging serious scholars and doing this work.”
J. Lupton

Professor, University of California Irvine

“You have hands-down the best Shakespeare website on the internet, and you are doing such an incredible job of communicating Shakespeare to the world.”
D. Schajer

Shakespeare historian and author, www.shakespearesolved.blogspot.com

“I have been listening to your podcast and will in all future Shakespeare courses assign some of the episodes. Just so smart and fun and useful.”
R. Totaro

Professor and Journal Editor, Florida Gulf Coast University and Penn State University Press

Coming Soon  In response to listeners who have asked where and how they can see Shakespeare's plays performed on stage (virtual and in person), a curated list of hand-picked theaters offering productions of Shakespeare's plays online and in person will be listed here in our brand new Spotlight Theater section. We hope this section helps connect Shakespeare enthusiast with the theaters who want you to be their audience. Check back as these offerings grow! 

Hand Illustrated Maps, Diagrams, & Guides inside That Shakespeare Shop

Explore my shop, full of hand illustrated maps, diagrams, ebooks, and guides to some of Renaissance England's best games, dances, and recipes. I include references for where the topics show up in Shakespeare's plays so you can easily add them in to your lesson plans or research, plus I have links to related podcast episodes, too, so you can learn from the world's leading experts while you explore further. These guides make excellent classroom resources and research launching off points when you want to explore a topic from the show more indepth. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in here, and learn something new about the bard.

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One of my most requested guides is for an Elizabethan card game. The guide is called How to Play Noddy. Featured in Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona this card game can be played with a standard deck of cards. It is easy to learn and fun to play for 2 or more players. You can download the instruction manual + history guide right here using this form (totally free), and if you like playing it so much that you think your classroom or students might like to learn it as well for a project or extra assignment, then consider the full digital history activity kit that contains a video tutorial, research guide, bonus artwork, and more. Get the Activity Kit Here.

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    Immediately access the entire video library of That Shakespeare Life, PLUS Bonus content, exclusive interviews, documentaries, activities, and more! 

    Hello there, I'm Cassidy Cash.

    I believe that if you want to understand Shakesepeare's works, then learning about the man himself is essential. Each week, I explore the life of William Shakespeare, sharing my discoveries along the way. My work focuses on helping fellow Shakespeareans learn something new about the bard.  I love coffee almost as much as I love Shakespeare. I live in Birmingham, AL with my husband, two boys, and a small zoo of rescue animals. You can read more of my story here on the about page.

    Award Winning Filmmaker

    Cassidy's film, Romeo and Juliet in 3 Minutes won Best Shakespeare Themed Animation at The Shakespeare Film Festival 2018

    R&J in three minutes delivers precisely on its title, and in so doing has dash, and wit, and (as you might expect), economy.

    Technically, its impressive, as is its lightness of tone. It really highlights both the simplicity of Shakespeares storytelling at the core, adn teh enormous leap he makes from the bare bones of the plot highlighted here, to the sublime treatment he applies ot the final work.

    This film made me smile, and made me lean in to see what happens next, and it made me admire its magic and wizardry. Cassidy Cash has made a memorable and original film.

    Sir Kenneth Branagh

    British actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

    Watch Romeo and Juliet in 3 Minutes

    My animated plays are now available on Amazon Prime. You can watch them anywhere you use Prime for Free as a Prime member (Buy for $9.99 or rent it for $2.99)  

    Watch Romeo and Juliet in 3 Minutes here.

    Watch Othello in 3 Minutes here



    Immediately access the entire video library of That Shakespeare Life, PLUS Bonus content, exclusive interviews, documentaries, activities, and more! 

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