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(and that all good study should involve good coffee.)

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Did Shakespeare Study at a Library?

This week at That Shakespeare Girl, we are taking a look at libraries in Renaissance England. Spurred forward by a debate I saw on the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Facebook page. They were discussing Shakespeare's authorship question (decidedly with the bias against...
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Did Shakespeare eat lamprey?

Each week on the That Shakespeare Girl YouTube Channel I publish an episode asking the question "Did Shakespeare....?" These episodes are intended in pure intellectual fun precisely because so much of Shakespeare's life is largely unknown. (There's a serious lack of...
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10 Important Things You May Not Know About Shakespeare’s Henry V

Happy St. Crispin's Day! On this day in 286, two twins Crispin and Crispinian, were martyred for their faith and later declared saints. While no longer an official feast day on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar, Shakespeare's play, Henry V, immortalized their...
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The 6 Main Aspects That Define Original Practice for Shakespearean Theater

Original Practice is the process of performing plays according to the conditions Shakespeare himself would have used in the late 16th to early 17th centuries. Given that modern theater directors have learned a few hygiene lessons since Shakespeare’s time, the process...
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Did Shakespeare Wear an Earring?

Each week here at That Shakespeare Girl, I share a video on YouTube exploring one aspect of Shakespeare's life, times, food, writing, and general lore. After each video, I post an article here in the blog that shares the text of the video (which often contains more...
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Turn Family Game Night Into Family Stage Night

Our family looks forward to our weekly game nights, with most suggestions about what the kids think we should play starting each week around Tuesday morning at breakfast, even though game night isn't until Saturday night. We surprised both our boys this week when we...
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Did Shakespeare Use a Graphite Pencil?

This project was a two week exploration into writing instruments of the 16-17th century, including whether or not posterity was merely assuming Shakespeare wrote a quill pen. Turns out, while he did use a quill pen, he may have also wrote with a graphite pencil. In...
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Did Shakespeare Really Use a Quill Pen?

This week at That Shakespeare Girl we've been exploring Part 2 of  the world of Shakespeare's quill pen. Part 1 took a look at whether or not he used a quill pen and answered the question about what kind that would have been. (No massive feathers like we see in...
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Did Shakespeare use math to write Hamlet? We explore.

Astronomy, mathematics, history, and....plays? Absolutely. In this week's episode of Did Shakespeare, That Shakespeare Girl takes a look at the math in Shakespeare's Hamlet.   Want to explore more? Here's the research:...
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William Shakespeare and how a leader chooses friends

Leaders surround themselves with good people. The story of Shakespeare's Globe Theater teaches us that whether it's friends, family, colleagues, or employees, the influences in your business are the foundation you will either rise or fall upon.  When Shakespeare...
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This is so awesome, Cassidy! I’m here yelling AMEN in spirit! This is so perfectly written, and I know it’s going to be an encouragement to many.

Jenny W.


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