In order to really know Shakespeare, you have to step inside his world.

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Hello there, I’m Cassidy Cash.

I believe that if you want to understand Shakesepeare’s works, then learning about the man himself is essential. Through videos, podcasts, and writing, I go exploring into the life of William Shakespeare. I love coffee almost as much as I love Shakespeare. I live in Birmingham, AL with my husband, two boys, and entirely too many pets. You can read more of my story here on the about page.

Top 10 Insults Crafted by Shakespeare

Zingy one liners to confuse your enemies and keep you and your friends laughing.

Staging the Fight: Hamlet, Laertes, and the Rapier

In 1610, when Shakespeare was 46 years old, Ridalfo Capoferro wrote the definitive work on rapier fencing, which not only enjoyed popularity for over 150 years but remains a reference text for professional fencers today. In that work, he outlined specific techniques...

8 Modern Words We Get From Shakespeare

8 Modern Words That We Get From Shakespeare DOWNLOAD THE LIST BELOW! Ever had someone tell you they questioned if a guy from 500 years ago could still be relevant today? I have. So many times people ask me, "How do you read that stuff? Isn't the text too antiquated?"...

I’m launching a Shakespeare podcast!

This post contains affiliate links. That's right! That Shakespeare Life Podcast coming at you April 23, 2018 (That's just a little over 3 months away!!! Eeeeek!) That Shakespeare Life is the podcast hosted by me, Cassidy Cash:That Shakespeare Girl, and is dedicated to...

Did Shakespeare Have a Wife? Yes! Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare’s wife. Here’s what we know about her. She was born in 1556, and was 8 years older than William Shakespeare. We don’t know officially how they met originally, but there are rumors that Shakespeare was...