About Cassidy Cash

Cassidy Cash is the host of That Shakespeare Life.

Cassidy holds a BA in English from the University of Montevallo, and an Masters of Engineering in Information Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Cassidy is a member of the National Council on Public History, The American Historical Association, the Renaissance Society of America, the Shakespeare Association of America, and is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in London for her contributions to history.

Cassidy focuses on bringing the fun back into the study of Shakespeare’s history. Her work explores the real life details of what it was like to live in the 16-17th century. Cassidy has a talent for interviewing historians, with a gift for getting people to tell their stories. Her show, That Shakespeare Life, was ranked #2 Shakespeare history podcast in the world by Welp Magazine. Her research into history has been published in major publications including  Historians Magazine, History Hit, and History Magazine.

Cassidy’s documentary films and 3-minute animate plays based on Shakespeare’s works have won international film awards, including Best Animated Adaptation of Shakespeare play at the Shakespeare Shorts Film competition in Stratford Upon Avon in 2018. Her documentary short, The Art of the Sword won Official Selection at the All Around Film Festival in 2020.

Cassidy regularly presents at history and Shakespeare conferences to share her research into 16th century card games, particularly the games Noddy and Maw. Her work was published on the Lost Plays Database as part of their work into the history of lost plays.

Cassidy currently works as a historical map illustrator and 16-17th century history consultant for documentaries and tv, having recently consulted on The Importance of Pawns by Keira Morgan, and is currently working with The 1620 Experience on their forthcoming documentary film about the life of William Bradford. Cassidy is available for custom illustration commissions and historical consulting work. Contact Cassidy for more details.

You can email Cassidy directly using cassidy at cassidycash dot com or Find her on Twitter.

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R&J in three minutes delivers precisely on its title, and in so doing has dash, and wit, and (as you might expect), economy.

Technically, its impressive, as is its lightness of tone. It really highlights both the simplicity of Shakespeare's storytelling at the core, and the enormous leap he makes from the bare bones of the plot highlighted here, to the sublime treatment he applies to the final work.

This film made me smile, and made me lean in to see what happens next, and it made me admire its magic and wizardry. Cassidy Cash has made a memorable and original film.

Sir Kenneth Branagh

British actor, director, producer, and screenwriter