I'm Cassidy

Historian, PODCASTer, & Illustrator

Hello! I'm Cassidy.

I believe that in order to take Shakespeare’s plays from page to performance understanding the history of the man who wrote them is essential. 

Shakespeare's been a hero of mine since I was a young girl discovering Romeo and Juliet for the first time. After a challenge from my master's degree professor who asked me “what would you do if you could do anything? What would you be excited to have ahead of you for tomorrow?” I answered “Well, I would drink coffee and talk with experts about Shakespeare.” My team at the time said, “Have you ever thought about a podcast?”

With that, I launched That Shakespeare Life in 2017. I had no idea at the time how far it would go. I have learned as we go, and love every day. I get excited over every single one of the reviews our show gets (I read them all!) and I'm thrilled to say that our show is now ranked #2 in the world for Shakespeare history.

Every episode of That Shakespeare Life, asks real questions (usually based on things I am learning myself or submitted by listeners) to the experts who know Shakespeare best. I create history episodes on Youtube, the best of my illustrations and digital downloads are reserved for our patrons (who also get insider access to the show) and I create history activity kits to take you a step beyond the history you learn about on the show where you can cook, play, and create your way through the life of William Shakespeare.

By training, I'm an artist, filmmaker, and graphic designer. I have won international filmmaking awards in animation, had my research featured in major history publications, and been fortunate enough to meet with some really incredible historians to film 17th century recipes, ink making, playing the hurdy gurdy, and more. I hold a BA in English (concentration Shakespeare), plus a Masters degree in Information Engineering.

From videos to podcasts to illustrations and activity kits, I hope you learn something new about the bard.

You can also email me directly using cassidy at cassidycash dot com or Find me on Twitter.

A few of my recent projects

Proofreading & Editing

From your first draft to your final draft, I can help get your words ready for publication. I will provide historical feedback for your work on academic articles, history novels, film scripts, and manuscripts. To get started on a project like this one, we need to chat first. Email me to setup a free zoom call to discuss what you need and how I might help.

Graphic Design & Illustration

I specialize in hand illustrated settings maps. I create illustrated itineraries for historical tours as well as settings maps for each of Shakespeare's plays. If you need to communicate a mounatin of information in a digital illustration, I can help you put hundreds of books onto one, easy to read (and share!) illustrated map.



I help research the history & conduct interviews for documentaries, film, and television series on the life of William Shakespeare (and 16-17th century England, Scotland, and Wales…and sometimes Ireland). I have also enjoyed being a “talking head” for documentary films and tv. I would be delighted to add some of my research to your next project.

Publications and Accomplisments:


November 2021- That Shakespeare Life Ranked #2 across all podcast platforms for Shakespeare History

October 2021- That Shakespeare Life Ranked #4 for History on Apple Podcasts in Jordan

October 13, 2021- Guest on British History: Royals, Rebels, and Romantics with Carol Ann Lloyd "Ep 77, Double, Double, Witches, and Trouble with Cassidy Cash"

August 2021 - Romeo and Juliet in 3 Minutes featured at Sidewalk Film Festival Birmingham, AL

June 29, 2021 Listed #2 on Best Shakespeare Podcasts of 2021 by Welp Magazine

June 2021, Featured in article for Alabaster Newsletter, "Turning a Passion for Shakespeare Into a Successful Podcast"                             July/August 2021 Issue of The Original Alabaster Newsletter

June 2021 Listed in Super Summary's Shakespeare Resources as valuable Shakespeare Research.

April 2021, Guest on You Don't Know Lit podcast to talk about Shakespear, history, and the bear in a Winter's Tale

April 2021 Contributor to Lost Plays Database on the Game of Maw and Noddy (early modern card games from Shakespeare's plays)

April 2021 Cited in Roslyn Knutson's work on Early Modern Card Games presented at the Shakespeare Association of America conference.

January 26, 2021 Ranked That Shakespeare Life in the Top 5 Shakespeare Podcasts by Evan Fritsch for his website, Rewire the West. View that article here.

January 2021 Guest on Tudors Dynasty for their Ask the Expert series. The listeners submitted a series of questions about William Shakespeare and I tried my best to answer them! Listen to that episode here. 

January 2021 Opening notes for the Winter issue of History Magazine on "William Shakespeare Sporting Sporting Stylish Facial HairSee that issue here.


August 8, 2020 The Art of the Sword was an Official Selection for the ARFF Globe Award at the All Around Film Festival in Paris, France.

November 5, 2020. Interview with New York Shakespeare on the History of Macbeth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEDZbe4IFQ8

November 2020. The Art of the Sword documentary short film was longlisted at the Shakespeare Film Festival in Stratford Upon Avon, England.



June 2019. Review of Producing Early Modern London: A Comedy of Urban Space, 1598-1616 / Kelly Stage for Early Modern Culture. Clemson University Press. ISBN: 1496201817. Editor: Niahm O'Leary.

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October 2, 2019, A Bola Football in Shakespeare (In Portuguese). Lisbon, Portugal. Physical Newspaper article.

Massachussets Wire:  Tudorcon 2019 Fetes Tudor History Lovers in Manheim, PA--Tickets Available Now

Tudor Society Speaker, "The Life of William Shakespeare", Documentary Short Presentation, Tudor Society online virtual summit hosted by Claire Ridgeway

TudorCon Presenter, "The Game of Noddy and How History Informs Shakespeare's Plays" World's First TudorCon Event hosted by Heather Teysko of Renaissance English History Podcast in Manheim, PA

Blackfriars Conference 2019, "How to Play the Game of Noddy and How History is Essential to the Study of Shakespeare" American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA


Best Shakespeare Themed Animation. Shakespeare Film Festival. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Award selected by Kenneth Branagh. September 2018

How England's Greatest Playwright Narrowly Escaped Treason, History Hit, Dec 14, 2018

The Night William Shakespeare Narrowly Escaped Being Tried for Treason, The Freelance History Writer, Dec 7 2018

Speaker/Presenter at Tudor Summit 2018 | "What it was like to attend a Shakespeare play at The Globe Theater in 1600"

Renaissance England History Podcast | 10 Foods From Shakespeare's Plays That Shakespeare (Probably) Ate Himself (guest article)

England Cast: Shakespeare and Love: An interview with Cassidy Cash of That Shakespeare Girl (podcast)

6 Ways Shakespeare Impacted The History of the Last Medieval Queen (guest article)

Folios, Quartos, and the Experiment of Printing Shakespeare 
(guest article)


Queen Elizabeth was NOT a Patron of Shakespeare (guest article)

What Grammar School Taught Shakespeare About Being a Theater Icon
 (guest article)

Interview with ShakenBake Cast

10 Facts About The Weapons Used At The Battle of Bosworth 
(guest article)


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