Do you like to read books? Are you crazy about Shakespeare history? Then you will want to explore our Shakespeare Book Club.

I’m launching this in the month of June (so right now), because I want to read more Shakespeare history books for the podcast and it is just more fun to read them when you have friends.

For the month of June we are going to be reading Shakespeare’s Pub by Pete Brown

So how does the book club work?

I am going to announce the book here on the blog each month (if you’d like that email announcement sent directly to your inbox you can sign up here)

We will read through the book over the month and then at the end of the month we will host a live chat about the book where we rank it in terms of how much we liked it and then we vote for whether or not to include it in our Official That Shakespeare Life Recommended Reading Library.

How do I attend the live chat?

If you want to attend the LIVE BOOK CHAT that happens each month for the book (the last week of each month), then sign up to join us on Patreon at the Shakespeare Book Club Level.

You’ll be invited to attend our live book talk where we go over the book for that month as well as get access to the replay in case you can’t join us live. PLUS Book Club subscribers are going to get an EXCLUSIVE That Shakespeare Life coffee mug that features the panoramic view of London as drawn by Visscher in 1616. Here’s what that looks like:

Cool, right?

It’s going to be a fun little group and I’m not really sure how it will grow. We are just starting out and I want you to be a part of helping it become the best little Shakespeare Book Club around.

So if you like history, you’re into books, and you like to talk about them then join us inside the Shakespeare Book Club. Our first book chat about Shakespeare’s Pub is June 22 at 11am CT. I’ll be running it from Patreon and you’ll get a notification there when it goes live (and if you’re on the email list for Book Club, I’ll send the link out there as well.)

See you there!

ps. If you want to be sure you get email notifications about the book we’re reading and another email when my book review is posted to the website here, then sign up for the email list. The email list is free, but you have to be a Patron to attend the live chats, get the swag, and to vote on the books.