Inside That Shakespeare Life

Inside That Shakespeare Life is our online subscription that lets you explore behind the scenes of the show, unlock exlusive content, and open insider access to all the bonus Shakespeare history that goes into each episode.

What’s Inside

Video Versions of the Show

Come inside the studio and sit at the desk with me and our guests

Animated Plays

Watch 3-minute animated versions of Shakespeare’s plays

Library of Maps and Diagrams

Illustrated and downloadable maps and diagrams of routes, locations, and scenes from Shakespeare’s lifetime.

Step behind the curtain

Get Your All Access Pass

Join me as I create each episode of That Shakespeare Life. I will be sharing with you parts of the show that are not available anywhere else, take you into the heart of That Shakespeare Life archive to open up my library of animated plays, history research, and printable resources all about the life of William Shakespeare.

Patrons get special extras like virtual tours, history articles, and direct messaging so you can tell me what topics you want to see covered next.

I hope to build a fun and active community around our love of Shakespeare history. I hope you’ll join me.

Join anytime and choose from these tiers

Groundling $5/mo

See sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, access behind the scenes content, and patron-only updates.

Gallery $10/mo

Get all the benefits of a Groundling patron and unlock video versions of the podcast.

Nobility $20/mo

Enjoy my collection of animated plays and a library of maps, diagrams, worksheets, and ebooks.