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The app will launch on June 29 and be available for you to watch all your favorite episodes across multiple platforms.
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You never have to wait to try out an activity, explore the latest interview, or join us on a virtual tour. The entire library of That Shakespeare Life episodes (and all future episodes!) are all here with unlimited access.

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We are away from YouTube here, so you never have to worry about ads popping up in the middle of your episode or wondering what will show up in suggested videos. Every episode in the app is 100% commercial free and organized into helpful playlists.

Bonus Content

Inside the app we put our VIP content including exclusive interviews not available on the podcast, behind the scenes looks at our show, documentary films, and extra episodes only available on the app.

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As a subscriber to the app you are helping us make more episodes, talk to more experts, visit more archives, and explore further into the life of William Shakespeare.