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That’s right! That Shakespeare Life Podcast coming at you April 23, 2018 (That’s just a little over 3 months away!!! Eeeeek!)

That Shakespeare Life is the podcast hosted by me, Cassidy Cash:That Shakespeare Girl, and is dedicated to the idea
that if you want to understand Shakespeare’s plays, then understanding the life of the man, William Shakespeare, is essential.

Each week we will talk with a historian, writer, author, performer, and Shakespearean to discuss various aspects of Shakespeare’s life and let you peak behind the curtain of Shakespeare’s most iconic works and meet the man, William Shakespeare.

As James Shapiro put it,

“This…is about what Shakespeare wrote…and what was taking place at that fraught time, for the two are so closely intertwined that it’s difficult to grasp the meaning of one without the other…However much Shakespeare may have preferred to remain in the shadows, he can be glimpsed in the glare of what was going on around him.”
(The Year of Lear, 2015)

Join me each week starting April 23, 2018, as we step into the world of 17th century England to explore these shadows, and catch a glimpse of the real William Shakespeare. You’ll learn about what food he ate, how he dressed, who his friends were, what he knew about business, and more!

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