Join the Club: Step Inside the 16th Century

Join the ultimate Shakespeare fan club where you can go beyond the episode to really try out the history you learn about on the show to experience a piece of Shakespeare's life for yourself. Explore soap making, calligraphy practice, 16th century card games, and more with our collection of history guides, lesson plans, worksheets, historical illustrations, and digital history activity kits that work like science labs for Shakespeare history. All of our content coordinates with specific episodes of the podcast and the plays of William Shakespeare so you can have fun learning something new about the bard.


Join us inside the 16th century where you can cook, create, and play your way through the life of William Shakespeare.

Cards, Chess, and Boards


Soap, Candles, & Ink
Dessert, Drinks, and Food

What people are saying:

You are bringing [Shakespeare] alive, and I think that's so important, because at school so many of the children...they can't really link with Shakespeare because they teach just his works, but you need to really know about Shakespeare as a whole, his life, his world, and then you can access his works. And that's exactly what you're doing.

Brigitte Webster

Owner and Lead Historian, Tudor & 17th Century Experience

I assigned... "Did Shakespeare Play Sports" to give my students a bit of background on all the sports references in Lear. They LOVED your video. I'm going to assign more!

Lauren Shook

Assistant Professor of English, Texas Lutheran University

Start now! Dive into the 16th century.

Start learning Shakespeare history the fun way by actually getting to DO the fun activities you learn about on the show. Sign up today!

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