Zero to Podcasting

This mastermind group will take you from nothing to successful podcast in 12 months.

Are you looking for:


A proven method for how to start a podast


Clarity on your decisions so you know your actions are the right ones


Accountability to really make progress happen


Specific advice on equipment and tools to use


A Step by Step Road Map for where to start and how to keep going


A dedicated group of professionals ready to help you succeed

Then this mastermind group was made just for you.

JUNE 30, 2022

Our first official meeting starts July 6, 2022.

Space is Limited

The power of a mastermind group is found in the small, tight knit group, where each member has the opportunity to get one on one coaching combined with the accountability of a dedicated team. To make sure we can guarantee results for you in this training, we are keeping the groups small. Space is limited and entrance is by invitation only. Why invitation only? We want to make sure we are bringing on people who are not only dedicated to their goals, but willing and able to help push others forward on the journey as well.

We will be accepting applications until June 30. 


Learn how to record your show with professional quality audio (even if you don't have a professional studio)


Learn how to edit your show, create awesome show notes, and attract listeners


Get insider tips on social media and email marketing


Get templates for working with guests, outlining your research, and organizing the parts of a good episode


Learn strategies and options for monetizing your show from the beginning

 Meet Your Coaches

Hi! I’m Cassidy Cash (on the left) of That Shakespeare Life and this is Jeff Brown (on the right), of Read to Lead podcast. We want to train you how to start and run a successful podcast. We know the method we’re going to teach you will work for you, because it’s the exact method we’ve used to build and launch our podcasts.

Cassidy Cash, Host of That Shakespeare Life, has consistently ranked as one of the best Shakespeare history podcasts in the world. Recently, That Shakespeare Life was named the number 2 Shakespeare history podcast in the world by Welp Magazine. That Shakespeare Life ranks in the Top 100 for History on Apple Podcasts around the world, and in the Top 30 for History in Germany, Mexico, Italy, and Poland. That Shakespeare Life has been featured by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Historians Magazine, History Magazine, History Hit, and the Henry Tudor Society (among others).

Jeff Brown is host of The Read to Lead Podcast that has been a top #10 Business and top #3 Career podcast on Apple Podcasts, is an iTunes Essentials podcast and has been nominated Best Business Podcast no fewer than four times. Read to Lead has also been featured in major business publications including Entrepreur, Inc, and, among many others. Read to Lead made Inc. magazine’s list of 20 Best Business Podcasts of 2015 and Hubspot Marketing’s 10 Best Business and Management Podcasts of 2016.

I am a professional podcast editor and I have been working with Cassidy for several years. I’ve worked with hundreds of showrunners over the past 7 years and I can say without hesitation that Cassidy is one of the most committed and consistent podcasters that I have ever worked with. Her ability to produce a quality show across hundreds of guests has been impressive. This mastermind is a place to go if you are serious about learning to run a show. She is a pro. Period.

Gary Maholm, audio engineer for That Shakespeare Life

I listened to some of your podcasts yesterday and am impressed by the quality. I think it’s great that you are engaging serious scholars and doing this work.”

    Julia Lupton, University of California Irvine

    I listened to some of your podcasts yesterday and am impressed by the quality. I think it’s great that you are engaging serious scholars and doing this work.”

      Julia Lupton, University of California Irvine

      You have hands-down the best Shakespeare website on the internet, and you are doing such an incredible job of communicating Shakespeare to the world.”

        David Schajer, Shakespeare historian and author. Owner/writer at


        … thanks again for providing such a wonderful platform and for a thoroughly enjoyable and highly professionally managed interview.”

        Guest of That Shakespeare Life

        “That Shakespeare Life is very professionally produced and brilliantly hosted so
        that makes for a lovely experience!!”

        Chris L. 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What if I don't know what I want to podcast about?

        That’s ok! We are limiting this group to individuals who are interested in business/education/history/humanities space (because that’s our expertise) but if you aren’t sure exactly what kind of podcast you want to run or the format that will be best for you, we will help you figure that out as part of the training.

        What time commitment am I expected to make?

        We will be meeting twice a month for either an hour or an hour and a half (depending on our total group count). We expect you to block off these dates and times on your calendar to show up and be present for yourself and for your fellow group members. We also expect you to participate over Slack (we’ll show you how to use that if you’re new to Slack), but we want you asking questions and engaging with your fellow group members when they ask for feedback. This group is equal portions give as it is receive. 

        Who is this group NOT for?

        This group is designed for people who are serious about starting a professional podcast. This group is not right for people who want to build a hobby, or who aren’t willing to do the work that separates a hobby from a professional. This group is for those that know where they want to go with their podcast and are ready to invest in building the right foundation so their show is successful for the long term. You need to be willing to show up to the live sessions, ready to help your fellow mastermind members with their actions and goals, while gaining from their collective perspective and input into your own actions and goals. 

        Will this course work for me if I don't have an audience or platform yet?

        Yes! That’s exactly what this mastermind is designed to help you build. Our first 6 months will be all about helping you decide what you want to build and giving you the tools to establish an audience on the front in so when you launch your show, you already have an audience ready to hear it. (This substantially increases your show’s ratings at the beginning, which is a huge part of success long term. We’ll show you exactly how to make this happen.) 

        Let's build your podcast.

        Stop wondering and start doing. It’s time to take your podcast idea and turn it into a reality. We have the proven 12-month framework to help you get it done.


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