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Dive into That Shakespeare Life digital streaming app, get access to our resource library of worksheets, coloring pages, ebooks, maps & diagrams, PLUS explore the 16th century with digital history activity kits that work like a science labs, for Shakespeare. Come inside, where you can cook, dance, and play your way through the life of William Shakespeare. 

Take a piece of history, and try it for yourself.

Digital History Activity Kits let you step into the 16th century and explore the food, holidays, clothing, and lifestyle of the world's greatest playwright. 

Each activity kit is based on a unique question about what it was like to live the life of William Shakespeare and we explore the answer with video lessons, tutorials, printable instructions, guides, recipes, and games that let you experience the history for yourself. 

Worksheets, Diagrams, & Printables

Inside the membership area you also get access to our Shakespeare history guides, maps, diagrams, and worksheets that let you and your students read, draw, and color the history of William Shakespeare with unlimited downloads of our entire digital resource library. Here are a few examples of what's inside:

Experience history.

Go in depth with the topics you learn about on the podcast, and use these activities to really experience history by cooking, playing, and learning your way through turn of the 17th century England as Shakespeare would have lived it.

Learn by Doing.

The best way to learn something is to practice. 

When it comes to the history of William Shakespeare, our activity kits use printable guides, tutorials, and interviews to teach you 16th century activities like candle making, card games, dances, dessert cooking, falconry, sword fighting, and more.

Connect history to the words.


Shakespeare's plays were never meant to be books. The best way to understand them is to see them in a theater. 

By learning the history and context of these living works, you are able to understand the references being spoken from the stage, for a richer, more enjoyable, theater experience. (You'll find yourself saying “Oh, I get it!”)

Step into the 16th century.

If exploring the inside of The Globe, The Rose, or The Fortune sounds like a good time, then this is the place for you.

These kits are designed for the history lovers. The people who enjoy exploring the past, with its' culture, quirks, and unique traits that make it special. Explore Shakespeare's world the way he would have lived it.

I’ve been delighted [with] how fun you make the learning, with every subject…I will in all future Shakespeare courses assign some of the episodes. Just so smart and fun and useful.

Rebecca Totaro, Professor of English, Florida Gulf Coast University

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