We’ve been using Shipt for a full month now to buy groceries (3 deliveries and one week we tried to “compare” and “do it ourselves”) and I wanted to let you know how it’s been going. It’s one of the hot new subscription services out there right now and you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it.

Here’s my thoughts: IT’S COMPLETELY WORTH IT.

But there are a few hiccups, so let me tell you about those, too.

Let’s start with the way it works:

  1. You sign up for Shipt online. You have to enter your name, address, and a credit card you want them to charge your groceries. It’s like giving cash to someone and asking them to go to the store for you. Same principle.
  2. You login using the information you setup in step 1. You will select your store. Right now, at least where I am located (not sure about other cities) they only have Publix to shop from.
  3. You then search for your items using the super user friendly and right up at the top search bar.
  4. You hit “checkout” where you are then able to select a timeframe for when you want the groceries delivered.
  5. Shipt notifies their shoppers and one of them picks to be “your shopper”.
  6. They buy your groceries. (sometimes they text you, see below for details)
  7. they deliver your groceries.

Done. It’s awesome.

But not perfect.

Here’s some big pros, and a few cons.


Easy to Use

It was easy to sign up, easy to understand, easy to order. Big image grid display of items make it easy to see what you’re buying and to select what you want just like you would in the store.

You can search for the best price!

For eggs, it lists all the available brands and types. There are about 4 brands at my local publix that carry organic/free range/no antibiotics eggs (which is what we eat), and I can compare right from my computer what’s on sale and get the best price per dozen. Awesome!

It tallies your shopping cart for you.

Are you like me and on a budget for groceries? If you’re running a business debt-free from home, you watch all the pennies, and for us that means sticking to a set amount per week on food. Normally, if I go to the store myself that means taking a calculator (or using the one on my phone) and adding up all the items, trying to figure out tax, and manage the kids, and it’s cumbersome. This way is easy, and I’ve found that using Shipt, even with their subscription cost calculated in and adding the slight upcharge on items, it’s still cheaper for us because I don’t overspend. I’ll add things to the cart until I hit my set limit, then I stop. I don’t impulse buy using Shipt.

We don’t have to make late night runs to the store.

When we forgot cat litter and milk on rainy Wednesday night just before bedtime, my husband didn’t venture out into the wild night like he would have otherwise to retrieve the sanity-saving items.  This particular night, along with one trip during week 3 of this last month where we tried to “shop ourselves”, the baby screamed THE. WHOLE. TIME, and we spent twice what I had been spending through Shipt, sold my husband on this service.

The baby doesn’t scream.

My oldest son was not thusly afflicted, but my younger son hates the grocery store. Screams, without accepting any form of comfort or bribe, the entire time. No idea why. But this doesn’t happen when you don’t have to go. Score!

We don’t fight about cookies or toys.

My son is on a gluten free, caesin free diet, which publix products support tremendously, but their “Free cookie for kids” is not gluten free and we have that argument every time we go about why he can’t have the cookie. Then of course, we avoid having to say no to every low hanging toy scattered about every aisle and checkout lane in the place. Again, score!


It doesn’t have all the items that are actually at the store.

I shop at my local publix enough to know that they do carry specialty items like the one brand of almond milk I like best. When I shop online, however, they don’t list that in the options. That skews your pricing a little, but Shipt does offer you the option to add a speciality note. So for us, I “ordered” the regular almond milk that was listed online, then added the brand name and type I wanted the shopper to actually get in the “additional notes” section under the item in my shopping cart. It worked great, she bought what I wanted, and that was easy. But you do have to make that note. They also have a speciality item option that you can request the shopper check for an item you don’t see listed online, also in the shopping cart at checkout.

The grid is tag based. 

You want to search for items under different names. For example, I wanted to buy green peas. If I searched “peas”, “green peas”, and “frozen green peas”, There were a different set of items that came up to the top of the search results. Any item tagged with the words you searched with all appear in search results, and it’s scrollable, so you can find what you need on the first search, but just for easy/quick, I found it worked to search multiple ways for each item.

You can’t control your shopper.

The first two shoppers I had were great, and spoiled me, I suppose. They texted me when they started shopping and they texted me while they were at the store. If an item I had ordered wasn’t exactly what they had at the store, or even if the shopper wanted to confirm what item I was wanting, they would text. Sometimes even with pictures of the items on the aisle so I get exactly what I wanted and they didn’t substitute with anything that I didn’t approve. For my, a type A control person, that’s awesome. If it’s not your speed, you can select “use best judgement” or “don’t substitute” as options to your shopper at checkout. I always pick “contact me” for them to ask me about anything that they aren’t sure about.  That’s worked perfect for the first two shopping trips.

This last shopping trip I did today the shopper made those decisions on her own. She bought chicken cutlets when I wanted chicken breasts, and she bought 4 packages when I had ordered 3. That’s not so far off that it caused real problems, but it’s annoying and I did not leave her a tip at the end of the shopping trip. (The Shipt app notifies you online at their website that the trip is concluded and asks you if you want to leave a tip). However, she also bought the wrong kind of milk. She bought me lactose free milk instead of regular whole milk, which I went back to my order to confirm I had not accidentally ordered the wrong thing, and I had not. She just wasn’t paying attention and bought something similar (it was the same brand) instead of the right thing I ordered. I don’t think today’s experience is typical, but in an honest review: it happens.

The total cost is an estimate.

Because they can’t control the exact store prices, or know ahead of time how many substitutions you will make once the shopper is at the store, the price in your shopping cart when your place, the cost is an estimate. They estimate tax, too. In all three of my shopping trips the estimated price has been more than what I ended up paying. For example, this last trip it estimated 89.00 + 8.01 tax, which is 97.01 total. I actually paid 94.99 total after tax.

So it’s close by a few dollars.

I hope that helps you. If you decide to try Shipt, please use this link and I will get a credit (and you will, too!) for signing up with them. Overall, it’s a good service. Saves me time, money, and sanity. I love it and will definitely be using Shipt again.

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