Why is a mastermind group so different than learning from an online course or reading articles you find on Google?

You can google your way through podcasting by searching articles, reading what it has to say, and then trying things on your own.

The reason a mastermind group works so much better than the DIY approach is that with a mastermind group, you're not left wondering whether what you're trying is going to work for your specific goals.​

You've been there, right?

You look up this great idea online and you want to try it for your business, but there's these one or two elements that just need to be tweaked a little to match what you want to do for your specific situation.

But which way do you go? Should you try A or B? What if you want to add in a little C? Where do you put that, and how?

Answering these questions brings you not only clarity, but advice from trusted sources who have been where you are. That's powerful information, because your team of business consultants will have already made mistakes that you can now avoid entirely when you learn from their experience.

That's the power of a mastermind group that you can't get from an online class.

You don't have to throw things against the wall and see what sticks. We'll tell you what we've tried so you can 

skip the experiment stage and start from the beginning with what really works. 

Zero to Podcasting is not just a road map of good advice that you then have to apply on your own. It's a team of up to 8 professionals who work with you to build your platform (And you're going to be helping them build theirs, too!)

If you are serious about turning your idea for a podcast into a successful business, then this is the training program for you.

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