“I thought I was going to be a failure and one of the things that helped me get through that was reading books that talked about entrepreneurship…I don’t think I would have taken the leap if I hadn’t of read those books.”  

Debra Mastic


Here to celebrate with me as we kick off my brand new podcast exposing the hidden power of reading books for entrepreneurship is the ever smiling, always entertaining, Debra Mastic. Debra and I met in person when she was the keynote speaker at a conference I helped organize. Before that, we were Facebook friends with a mutual interest in entrepreneurship.

In today’s episode Debra share’s a little about her background and we talk about the role of reading in starting her company.

She and I laughed a lot during this interview and I think you’re going to enjoy it!

In this episode, talk about her role as owner/founder at Virtual Resume Coach, as well as what books spurred her on to get started in entrepreneurship.

She offers up two titles that she heartily recommends to all of you for great beginner reads. We also talk about her own authorship aspirations and our plans for another visit in exactly 5 years. 🙂

See you inside the podcast!

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Topics we talk about:

Conquering Fear as a beginning entrepreneur

Her snazzy one liner about failure (trust me, it’s tweetable)

Speed Reading

and why stories are important.

The Book List: 

Debra’s Picks:

Dan Miller’s No More Mondays

Dale Callahan’s Resume’s Are Worthless

Debra Mastic’s Common Sense Resume

Jonah Berger: Contagious: Why things catch on

Chris Laping: People Before Things


Show Notes: