16th Century Pregnancy Research Packet


A complete guide to getting started researching the topic of 16th century pregnancy, doctors, and pregnancy tests. This is the full list of resources we used to build Ep 91 of That Shakespeare Life along with articles and books recommended by the guest herself. Whether you are researching this topic for your latest project, or just want to learn more, this curated list of resources will help you get started. Download the list for free by joining Shakespeare Weekly (inside the show notes for this packet's episode), or you can purchase it right here in the shop.


Inside this guide is a list of public domain images, paintings, woodcuts, and/or engravings that depict aspects of this topic. There is also a list of websites that contain helpful information, journal articles found on JSTOR, book recommendations (affiliate links), and image guides with dates, authors, description, and link to the original source. All of this information you can find online for yourself and the information for you to be able to do that is found in the show notes for the episode. By purchasing this guide, you are paying for the work I've done to compile this research for you (so you don't have to!), not for the information itself. You should also know that you can access to this guide completely free by joining Shakespeare Weekly, our weekly email newsletter. I was contacted by some listeners who let me know they'd rather donate to the podcast than subscribe to the email newsletter, so if that's you, then this product is for you.

Your $1 donation gets you access to the entire guide in a printable, sharable, digital guide. Thank you for supporting the show! We look forward to bringing you even more Shakespeare history next week.

ABOUT THE IMAGES: This guide includes a curated list of public domain images that we found and used in our episode show notes. All of the images are available for free in several publicly available digital libraries, collections, or archives. What you're paying for here is not the images (which I do not own) but instead for the work I did to curate pictures, links, books, websites, and more into an easy to use guide that means you don't have to search through the libraries to find an applicable image, since I've done it for you. If you want to access any of the images available in this guide without having to purchase this guide, please see the show notes for the episode where all of the images are linked to their original source file right below the images. View the show notes here. 


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