Authentic 16th Century Recreation of a Tewskbury Mustard Ball


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The Only True Tewkesbury Mustard.

Taste of the West winner 2014

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In Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 2, Falstaff has the line: “his wit’s as thick as TewkesburyMustard” (Act 2, Scene 4). Falstaff is describing his friend Ned Poins, but he’s comparing him to a real condiment from the 16th century called Tewksbury Mustard. This particular mustard developed in a small town of England called Tewkesbury, and it was not only popular in Shakespeare’s lifetime, but during the 16-17th century, it was considered a staple condiment in kitchens of this time period, second only to salt. Amazingly, the mustard has not only survived the centuries but is still being made exactly the way it was for Shakespeare’s lifetime, right in Tewksbury, England, and at the Tewksbury Mustard Company, you can now buy your very own mustard ball that’s an authentic recreation of what Shakespeare’s talking about in his play.


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