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I will edit your PhD Dissertation and have it back to you in 7 business days. I request the dissertation be delivered to me either digitally in a printable format or mailed to me as a physical copy. I will print, bind, and manually annotate your dissertation to be returned to you with notes and feedback. You may select to have the notes scanned and returned digitally, or I will mail you the physical copy with notes (The cost of shipping the printed manuscript back to you upon editing completion  is included in the price of editing).

When you hire me to edit your dissertation you have access to two optional consultation sessions. The first is at the outset of the project to go over your expectations, needs, and any specific university or departmental requirements assigned by your PhD supervisor. The second session is after I have completed the editing to go over my notes and provide you the opportunity to ask me any questions.

Editing services includes proofreading for grammar and punctuation, as well as adherence to either MLA or APA Style formatting. I will also provide research feedback and developmental editing suggestions. I will not rewrite your content nor provide any writing services for your work, though some word replacement suggestions will be made where appropriate.

Included in the price of editing is help locating research articles which might prove useful to the strengthening of your argument. While I will provide help locating the articles, as well as sending you digital copies or links to them, applying those articles to your document is your responsibility.

Faster turn around times are available for a fee of $300 per day for each additional day you want to take off the standard 7 day rate. I cannot have it back to you any faster than 3 full business days starting the day after you send me the document. I operate on Central Time in the United States.

I know that as a researcher you work on a deadline and I aim to meet that deadline for you promptly. If I am ever late delivering your document back to you, we will deduct $200 per day from the price of editing. Payment plans are available in 3 and 6 month payment options.


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