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If you you need a professional historian and copyeditor to review your thesis, novel, or script, then you've come to the right place.

I will review your written work for content, flow, and historical accuracy. I will provide edit recommendations for changes that need to be made as well as suggestions on historical points within your work.

This order will purchase an editing consult call. Once you purchase this item, we will schedule a good time to meet over Zoom to discuss the specifics of your editing project. Once we establish length, scope, and deadline, then we will determine both a total cost and payment plan for your editing project. Today's order will be applied to the final editing project cost. If, after meeting with me, you decide not to hire me as your editor and history consultant, you will be issued a full refund.

Editing Project Prices to Expect:
– PhD Thesis (60k words) $2200
– MA Thesis (40k words) $1800
– Film Script Edit $300 for thorough notes on the first draft, then $160 per rewrite (90 pages or less)
– Novel/Book Editing $35/hour
—-Developmental editing: $.08 per word, or $5,600 total
—-Basic copyediting: $.018 per word, or $1,260 total
—-Proofreading: $.0113, or $791 total

If you have questions about your project, feel free to email me. cassidy at cassidycash dot com


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