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Complete Digital History Activity Kit. Learn to play the game of Noddy, a popular game William Shakespeare likely played himself and even writes about in his play, Two Gentlemen of Verona. This activity guide is your ticket to the 16th century game of Noddy. You will learn the history, be taught how to play, and given all the instructions you need to try this at home. Works great for classrooms, educators, and history enthusiasts who love to learn by doing. Each kit comes with printable files so you can use this kit for yourself, your family, or your students. This kit includes 5 downloads. Contact me if you need more, we have special educator rates on bulk orders over 5.


Learn to Play Noddy, the 16th century card game popular in Shakespeare's lifetime and that shows up in his plays:

“Have I not here the best cards for the game? To win is no easy match played for a crown.”
– King John V. 2

“A sure card as ever won the set.”
– Titus Andronicus V. 1

“That set together is noddy.”
– Two Gentlemen of Verona I.1

Playing cards was very popular during the 16th century, but today, Noddy is considered extinct which means in order to try this game out for yourself, you will need a guide. This history guide to the 16th game of Noddy is your ticket to full instructions, a video tutorial, and step by step instructions that let you step back into the life of William Shakespeare to try this game out for yourself.

Here's what's included: 

  • A history guide to the game including the origins of the word “Noddy”, archival photos of original 16th century cards, and examples of where the game shows up both in Shakespeare's works as well as those of his contemporaries. It's a crash course in the Shakespearean history of Noddy.
  • A video tutorial: This video is me and my family learning the to play the game and teaching you along with us. We'll show you what you need to play and how to get a game going. Perfect when you want to sit down and try this out for game night!
  • A supply list. This game can be played with a standard deck of cards, but you may want to use authentic 16th century gear. I include links to where you can purchase the real deal.
  • Exclusive offers from partnering companies give you a starting point if you want to step into the history even further. (These offers include discount coupons for authentic gear or books, free accessories, trip ideas, and more!)
  • Special Bonuses from me! Artwork, quote prints, and printable sticker sets come in each Experience Shakespeare kit, all of which are tailored to coordinate with your topic which is great for having some extra fun, or giving as prizes to a classroom or bookclub.


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