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Complete Digital History Activity Kit. Learn to make 16th century quill ink, just like William Shakespeare would have used when writing his famous plays. You will learn the history, be taught how to make the ink, and given all the instructions you need to try this at home (or in your classroom!) Each kit comes with printable files so you can use this kit for yourself, your family, or your students. This kit includes 5 downloads. Contact me if you need more, we have special educator rates on bulk orders over 5.

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Use this activity kit to make your own ink! You can make carbon ink, or iron gall ink,

Here's what's included: 

  • A history guide to the iron gall ink, and lamp black ink, including where ink shows up in Shakespeare's plays (iron gall specifically!) and examples of a recipe from Mary Greenville who wrote her favorite recipe for “very good ink” in the 16th century.
  • A video tutorial: A step by step look at how to make carbon ink (the easier but still authentic version of 16th century ink you can do at home without any toxic chemicals!)
  • A supply list. The recipe for carbon ink shown in the video can be completed at home with ingredients fairly easy to acquire. To make iron gall ink the authentic way, you'll need the supplies I link to in this guide.
  • Exclusive offers from partnering companies give you a starting point if you want to step into the history even further. (These offers include discount coupons for authentic gear or books, free accessories, trip ideas, and more!)
  • Related Podcast Episodes! Listen to Shakespeare experts explain the topic you are learning in the activity.
  • Special Bonuses from me!


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