London Bridge | Complete Lesson Pack


What's inside:
– History Guide to London Bridge during Shakespeare's lifetime
– Archival woodcuts, paintings, and images to show you what the bridge looked like in the past
– History Guides to How People Crossed London Bridge
– A Detailed Look at Nonsuch House, added to London Bridge in 1579 (Shakespeare was 15!)
– a Look at How a 1670 Book of Proverbs explains what it was like to navigate London Bridge from the water
– a Guide to the Water Wheel, added by Peter Morice in 1580 (When Shakespeare was 16!)
– a Word Search & Answer Key on Key words from this lesson
– Make Your Own Water Wheel Activity Guide
– Play Review Worksheet for Henry VI Part 1 & 2
A Writing Prompt worksheet on the history of London Bridge


Inside this pack is everything you need to put together a lesson on London Bridge during Shakespeare's lifetime. The pack includes our Basic History Guide for London Bridge along with coloring pages, worksheets, and a project idea! The pack includes links to learn more resources, a play review guide (this lesson pairs nicely with a study of Henry VI Parts 1 & 2) and suggestions on writing prompts. Once downloaded, the complete lesson pack is printable and sharable so you can share it with your classrooms both digitally and in person.


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