Shakespeare Quotes Playing Cards


A full deck of standard playing cards featuring quotes and illustrations from Shakespeare’s plays. Each of the face cards has a beautifully illustrated quote from Shakespeare’s plays, all of which are fitting for the cards they depict (Falstaff as the Jack, for example. So appropriate!) See my full review as well as an inside glimpse at the illustrations in the unboxing video below in the full description.

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Shakespeare Quotes Playing Cards

  • These beautiful playing cards feature quotes from every play written by the Great Bard!
  • Each quote corresponds to the number and suit of every card
  • Full color portraits by Jan Padover

Shakespeare “Quotes” Playing Cards has a different quote from Shakespeare on each card, and every play by Shakespeare is quoted.

Quotes on all of the number cards contain a reference to that number in the quote.
Each of the four suits of the deck represent a different dramatic temperament:

    • HEARTS – Love and Romance
    • DIAMONDS – Wealth
    • SPADES – Intrigue
    • CLUBS – War


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