Soul Cake Recipe



During Shakespeare's lifetime (and before!) this cake was known as a soul cake, or also as a soulmass-cake. They were made in celebration of November 2, All Soul's Day. Traditionally, the poor would stage an entertainment like singing, dancing, or theater, and be paid in these soul cakes. According to 16th century tradition, the giver of the cakes did good for their soul.

This recipe card is a modern adaptation (including things like temperatures and cook time that would not have been present for Shakespeare!) but the recipe itself is an allergy-friendly recreation of how a soul cake would have been made in the 16th century. You can create them at home to celebrate All Soul's Day, or just because you like cookies! You can always use cow's milk if you want to be extra authentic. Almonds were used in 16th century England, and thus almond milk as listed isn't totally incorrect, but most food historians believe cow's milk was the milk of choice in Renaissance England. This recipe is adapted for allergy friendly eaters to be able to enjoy historical foods, too. 

This product is a digital download purchase. You can print and copy as many as you need or want once you purchase the recipe, making it excellent for classrooms or for emailing out to your online students as well.


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