That Shakespeare Life podcast launches officially in ONE WEEK (April 23, 2018) and in celebration of that launch, I wanted to be sure you knew how to rate and review the podcast on Itunes. Every rate and review really helps the podcast get heard by more people, so I am really hoping that as a fan of That Shakespeare Life, you will express your excitement right along with me by rating and reviewing the podcast¬†using this super simple 3-minute guide ūüôā

To get started,

  1. You open Itunes.
  2. Click on podcasts
  3. You search for That Shakespeare Life, and click on the image art. It looks like this.

  4. Then you click the “subscribe” button you’ll see beneath the podcast image art.
  5. Then click the ratings/review tab to choose 1-5 stars (rate with 5 stars and I’ll mention you on the podcast page)
  6. add your comments! Please make sure to put your honest thoughts and feedback here (in 1-3 sentences) The comments¬†introduce new people to what it’s like to listen, so your comments really help!

It’s that simple!

Thank you for being a listener of That Shakespeare Life! It’s great to study the history of William Shakespeare with you and our special guests each week.

and remember: In order to really understand Shakespeare, you have to go behind the curtain and into That Shakespeare Life.