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  • Unlimited access to all of our Experience Shakespeare activity kits, plus new ones as they are added!
      • Detailed History Guide that walks you through the background of the activity
      • Links to related podcast episodes so you can hear world reknowned experts talk about the activity while you complete it
      • A full supply list so you know exactly what you need before you get started
      • A step by step instruction outline so you can follow along at your own pace
      • A Complete Video Tutorial so you can see how the activity is supposed to work and get bonus tips on any tricky parts
      • Printable Worksheets and Diagrams you can use to supplement your activity

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  • Coloring pages, Play Review Worksheets, Settings Maps, Geneaology Diagrams, and more printables!
  • Complete Lesson Packs for select podcast episodes that let you turn that episode into an instant classroom lesson
  • Access to our video library of exclusive documentaries, animated plays, and bonus interviews not available anywhere else!
  • 35 week syllabus that maps out how to use all the content in our Shakespeare Educator Library to complete a dual credit history and literature course. 
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Take a look at a few of our favorite kits

How to Make Apple Wassail

How to Make Tudor Soap Balls

How to Make 16th Century Candles

How to Write with a Quill Pen

How to Make Iron Gall Ink

This kit requires speciality gear.

How to Make Marchpane

How to Play Maw

How to Play the Philosopher’s Game

How to Fly a Falcon

This kit requires speciality gear.

How to Play Noddy

How to Make Shrewsbury Cakes

How to Play the Hurdy Gurdy

This kit requires specialty gear


When you join at the Shakespeare Educator level, you also get access to our printable resource library designed specifically for educators looking to bring Shakespeare history into their classrooms. All of these resources are formatted to be printable in high resolution quality and you can download the documents as well, so it’s easy to send copies to your students if you’re teaching online or emailing assignments.

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Check out the tutorial for How to Play Noddy, a card game mentioned in Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need speciality gear to complete these activities? 

Most of our kits are designed to be completed with items you may already have at home, or that you can easily find at your local market or store (or on Amazon!). However, there are a few kits that do require speciality gear. Those kits are marked so you know upfront that they are more advanced, and inside the kit we link to history gear partners that offer you the exact gear you need to complete the kit and the supplies are offered at a discount for being one of our kit subscribers. The one exception is the How to Fly a Falcon kit. To complete that it authentically would require a falcon, which we don’t provide. However, I do share information inside the kit on how to locate and search local falconry organizations in your area to try and get connected so you can fly a real falcon (or have a falcon demonstration come to your class.) 

Can I use these kits in my class on Shakespeare’s plays?

Absolutely! In fact, I hope you do! These kits coordinate with Shakespeare’s plays and are designed to compliment your study of his plays and poems. My hope is that you can use these kits to enhance your study of Shakespeare’s works by bringing hands on activities into your classroom.

What benefits do I get as a Shakespeare Educator patron? 

When you sign up on Patreon at the All Access Pass level, you get login details provided. You then login here on to open up all of our entire Shakespeare Educator content. You also get access to our other patrons only benefits like bonus interviews, behind the scenes looks at making our show, and the chance to participate in programming for That Shakespeare Life. 

How do I access the Printable Resource Library?

When you join the Shakespeare Educator level, you get access to my entire library of lesson plans, history guides, illustrated maps, worksheets, diagrams, coloring pages, and other printable material you can use to augment your study of Shakespeare. Every resource is printable and your access is unlimited so you can print as many as you need for your students or for yourself. You just login on the website (here where you right now) and start downloading! You have access to the entire library of printables right from your first month and you keep access as long as you remain a patron.

Can I buy this content on your Etsy shop?

Yes! Each guide, activity kit, and download I offer in our Shakespeare Educator area is available for purchase on my Etsy shop, and patrons of our show (even supporters at the $5/month level) get 20% off everything in the shop. The benefit of joining at the Shakespeare Educator level is if you are an educator or Shakespeare enthusiast who plans to use more than 1 resources/month, then having this all access pass comes out cheaper and is more convenient because all the content is located in one place. You don’t need go download each one individually. If you are only looking to try out  one kit, however, then Etsy is the way to go!

What if I have questions or need help?

Whenever you have questions, I’m here to help. Just email me directly using cassidy at cassidycash dot com or message me from within Patreon. I reply to all messages within 24 hours M-F. I’m off on the weekends and major US holidays, but I’m very prompt to reply again the following Monday. 

I have been listening to your podcast and will in all future Shakespeare courses assign some of the episodes. Just so smart and fun and useful.

Rebecca Totaro

Professor of English, Florida Gulf Coast University, Series Editor, Cultural Inquiries in English Literature 1400-1700 Penn State University Press

Your film was a fantastic modern approach to telling a Shakespeare story that fits 100% into today's mobile device/online content culture. Definitely a great way to get a new generation interested in Shakespeare, which is vital.

Martin Denham

Creative Content Producer, Go Big Pictures

R&J in three minutes delivers precisely on its title, and in so doing has dash, and wit, and (as you might expect), economy.

Technically, its impressive, as is its lightness of tone. It really highlights both the simplicity of Shakespeare's storytelling at the core, and the enormous leap he makes from the bare bones of the plot highlighted here, to the sublime treatment he applies to the final work.

This film made me smile, and made me lean in to see what happens next, and it made me admire its magic and wizardry. Cassidy Cash has made a memorable and original film.

Sir Kenneth Branagh

British actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

Cassidy Cash, in her podcast That Shakespeare Life, explores the world of Shakespeare, talking to academics about everything from the actor Richard Burbage, to the food Shakespeare would have eaten. Learning more about Shakespeare’s world will help you make more sense of his work!


Classical Studies and English graduate from Scotland, Girl About Campus

I assigned your…video on “Did Shakespeare Play Sports” to give my students a bit of background on all the sports references in Lear. They LOVED your video. I’m going to assign more.

Lauren Shook

Assistant Professor of English at Texas Lutheran University

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