Growing up I learned a lot about leadership and decision making from my Dad. Often, he would turn down an invitation to speak at a conference, a partnership with a good company, or other seemingly profitable business or growth opportunities and I would ask him, “Why did you not do that? Isn’t it a good thing?” and he would smile and say
“Yes, but there are good things, and then there’s what’s best. Sometimes you have to say no to the good things so you can have what’s best.” 

This lesson stuck with me strongly because it taught me that in order to say yes to anything, it means saying no to something else. 


It’s one of the reasons I am an entrepreneur: I choose to say yes to being a full time mom and that means I’ve said no to working in a traditional 9 to 5 environment.

Saying No to a traditional 9 to 5 environment means I’ve said yes to fluctuating income streams and wearing about 8 hats as a business owner.

Life is about trade offs, but you can trade successfully, and wisely, by keeping what’s best at the front of your decision making.

This lesson can work for your budget when you say no to eating out because you’re saying yes to more vacation money.

It can mean you say no to going out with friends because you’re saying yes to getting the next lesson written for your online course.

As adults, we understand this lesson as discipline and responsibility. However, as mompreneurs when we are trying desperately to make money yesterday, to bring in that next dollar, to establish our credibility and build a platform we can truly stand on (without falling off), the onslaught of “Buy this product, it will save your life.”

It can be very much like drinking goodness from a fire hydrant– sometimes too much of even a good thing can drown you.


I’m not faulting entrepreneurs– the marketing formula they use is one I teach—tell people the problem you’re going to solve for them, show how you’re going to solve it, then ask them to buy it so they can have the solution you offer.

It’s honest  representation of the product they’ve worked hard to build most of the time– when you’re dealing with a reputable entrepreneur— and most of the time it will do good things for you– but the important point is that often, the latest product is just good and not best.

So when you’re facing that decision of whether or not to take advantage of a seemingly good opportunity? How do you wade through the rising tide of good ideas to find what’s best for your company?


Remember: You can’t spend all your money on good products and still build a profitable business. 

Like anything, when you spend all of your money you stop having money and basic common sense tells you that no money equals no business. So as you are building your company and your platform from home, here’s a principle I want you to remember. In honor of Dad, we’ll call it the Yes to the Best Principle.

Learn to Say Yes to the Best With These 5 Easy Steps.

That rhymes a little more than I intended when I wrote this, but it’s catchy and hopefully that helps you remember it! When you’re watching the latest webinar, reading that very well done email newsletter, or you’re finding yourself landing on a beautifully designed landing page where an established, professional, entrepreneur is selling you their latest product they want you to buy, here are 5 Steps I want to you go through in your mind, and on paper if neccessary, before you make that purchase.

1. Set very specific goals for yourself.

This means you need a plan for where you want to go, how you’re going to get there, and the steps you are going to take to make that happen. This is the framework around which you’ll make your choices about where to invest your research and development dollars.

2. Work on those goals one at a time so that you have a clear focus

You can do everything you want, just not all at once. You might also call it: Everyone builds an empire one brick at a time. Lay your bricks in order, firmly, and well placed, but don’t try to put the roof on before you build a strong foundation. Once you’ve gotten your framework from step 1, then make yourself focus intensely on one step at a time, doing each step to the standard you have set for your brand.

3. Are you already taking action on this topic? Then consider it.

Notice I said consider it. Immediately cull out anything that’s not directly related to the step you’re on today. Don’t buy into the “It’s only available for the next 2 minutes.” mantra. We are all in this to make money and if two years from now you go back to that expert (and they really are experts in that field) then their product will still be there for you to buy when you need it. When you find one that is hyper focused on the exact next step YOU ARE ALREADY WORKING ON, not something you’re thinking of possibly working on–please, make that distinction, then it might be right. Use step 4 to determine if you should move passed considering to actually buying.

4. Be clear on how it's going to pay you pack.

To determine if a product is the right one for you, you’ll need to know your expected return on investment. Oh, there’s a big business term, isn’t it? Well, welcome to professionalism, sister–you have to consider ROI. Your dollars are company dollars just a like a big corporation, which means you can’t spend it just because you have it, you have to spend it where it will make you money. Outline clear steps for how this latest product, book, webinar, or online course will directly impact your ability to bring in money. Make sure it’s something you are already taking action towards without this product, and then how the product will enhance, or speed up, your bottom line.

5. Buy it and Use It.

So many people buy these tools then don’t do what it says to do. Be the 1% who take action. That’s, truly, the hugest step you can take for your company. Do the work. If you don’t do the work, you might as well have taken that hard earned money and tossed it out the window on the interstate. We can all recognize that’s no the hallmark behavior of a seasoned professional business person. You want to be a professional, act like one–and don’t throw money out of car windows.
I hope that helps you as you wade through the onslaught of good products out there and helps you say Yes to the Best. Tell me in the comments, what are some ways you have said Yes to the Best (or No to something good) ?

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