Hello! This a preview of what\'s inside this patrons-only post.  Did you know that many of the plays we have today that survive from the 16th century by William Shakespeare are thought to have been made possible by the work of fast writing, slick listening, audience pirates? Using a system of shorthand known today as Charactery by Thomas Bright (Along with a couple other methods that quickly followed this "Bright" idea), people in the audience, who were extremely nimble fingered, could write down what was being said and done on stage while they were watching a live performance. These copies could later be written out in full English to be sold as published versions of the performances. Pirating! We are going to be talking with Bryan Crockett, Emeritus Professor at Loyola University about Thomas Bright, shorthand, and pirated copies of Shakespeare's plays in an upcoming episode of That Shakespeare Life. We will be speaking with Bryan this Friday for the live recording of the show. As a patron, you can submit questions you have for Bryan on this topic right here in Patreon. We are not able to ask every question submitted live on the air (there are too many!) but the ones that are selected, we will thank you for submitting the question live during the show. You'll get to hear Bryan answer you directly! And if your question is not selected for the live show, I will be sure to send you a reply so you do get your questions answered even if it's not on the live show. Are you ready? Submit your questions now! (Deadline to submit questions is Thursday, March 25, 2021 Midnight CT) ...
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