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In our recent episode of That Shakespeare Life, we talked with our guest, Sam Bilton about the history of waffles, waffle irons, and how they were made in Shakespeare’s lifetime. In that conversation, we referenced a recipe for waffles from 1615, when William Shakespeare was 51 years old. Today, we are going to make that recipe together.

Here’s the recipe:

See full notes and more history on waffles inside our episode with Sam Bilton here.

Resources for Waffles used in today’s episode:

Bonus Tips from things I learned:

  • Be careful of the oil, it can catch fire easily
  • This is best done outside over charcoal or using a grill (definitely my flat top electric oven was more of a hindrance than a help)
  • Using whole eggs would have made the batter stick together better, but I was using GF flour and that’s likely why I needed more glue. Let me know in the comments if you try it with wheat flour and have better results
  • Make sure to oil both sides of the iron all over any cooking surfaces. Really, spray oil here would have worked best.
  • Flip the iron halfway through to get more even cooking surface
  • Note, my son ate it and despite it’s haggard appearance said it was the best waffles he’s ever had!