Here’s Where to Watch All of Shakespeare’s Plays Performed Online

Because Shakespeare’s plays are meant to be seen, not read. 

 Finally, you don’t have to wait on your local theater company to perform that one play you’ve been wanting to see. Here is a list of all of Shakespeare’s plays (and Edward III–you can fight over whether it belongs here) but you can now watch all of Shakespeare’s play online. No mustering up the money for plane tickets, nor waiting on someone nearby to decide to play it (Good luck with that). Just click and watch it. I scoured the internet and found the best of the public domain options available and linked them below. There are other options (certainly some great film versions!) but my main goal with this list is to make it easy–and beyond excuse–for you to see all of Shakespeare’s plays performed, as they were intended.  Download the full list and click the links you want to watch. 

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