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Cassidy Cash

I bring the history of William Shakespeare to your writing, film, and stage performances. As an artist and independent historian, I work in documentary interviews, podcasting, illustration, & infographics. I have a BA in English, with a concentration in Shakespeare, and an MEng in Information Engineering. My most recent projects include hosting That Shakespeare Life, illustrating travel intineraries for 16th century history toursconsulting for documentaries, directing educational films, PhD dissertation editing, animating plays, and serving as a dramaturg for theater directors. I like to use creative work to bring Shakespeare’s history to life.

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Dissertation Editing & Proofreading

Your dissertation lasts long after your defense of it. It is important to make sure your document is not only free from basic proofreading errors but that you follow the specific formatting guidelines of your institution. The publication of your dissertation will represent you to potential employers and form a solid foundation for your entire career. Let me help you make your dissertation your most powerful asset before you even set foot inside the room for your defense. 

Historical Diagrams and Illustrations

In depth research is often best communicated in pictures. A diagram to compliment your research paper or academic publication can enhance your thesis by making your research easier to grasp. For professional ventures like historical travel tours or digital downloads for a podcast, illustrations make great advertising for your company as well as built-in souviners for your customers. Let me bring your history research to life with vibrant and accurate illustrations. 

History Consultant

When you are setting your project in the past, you want to make sure you bring all the intricacies of the context into your project so they can compliment, rather than detract from, your overall story. As someone who spends a significant amount of time in 16-17th century England, Scotland, and Wales, I can help make sure the small details of your film, novel, or play are historically accurate.

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Novel Proofreading

Article Development & Editing

16th Century Historical Research

Hand Illustrated Travel Itineraries

Custom History Diagrams & Maps

PhD/MA Thesis Editing


What I Can Do For You

Let’s tell a story about William Shakespeare.  When you need an extra set of eyes, a professional research partner, custom diagrams, or someone great at interviews to help you complete your documentary film, I can help you go that last mile on your project, bringing the expertise you need to finalize your ideas and bring your story to life.

Documentary Shorts

Ask a good question and then answer it on film through interviews and archival footage.

Historical Illustration

Custom maps, diagrams, infographics, lesson plans, travel itineraries, and sketches.


Dissertation Editing

Proofreading and Research Analysis. 7 Day Turn Around time. MLA and APA Style.

Historical Novel Review

Proofreading & Historical Review for inaccuracies and anachronisms.

Let’s Get to Work!

Want to Make a Movie?

Let’s tell a story about Shakespeare on film! I work in interview based, short form, documentaries for film festivals, museums, Shakespeare festivals, universities, and historical societies.

Contact me for a free quote. Email me using cassidy at cassidycash dot com