The bard mentions the word “cat” over 30 times in his plays and sonnets, one of which is actually housed in the same phrase as “dog will have his day.” The entire line from Hamlet reads “The cat will mew, and the dog will have his day.”

So to give the cat his day, in this week’s episode we are talking a trip back to Elizabethan England to explore the many places cats found themselves interacting with people during Shakespeare’s lifetime. We’ll explore cats as pets, plague-harbingers, and even a flaming cat backpack.

You read that right. Press play to find out more:

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The food blog I mentioned with the portraits of cats in the 17th century English kitchen

Random PDF someone that’s not me compiled¬†about the history of cats with obvious errors and questionable veracity but nonetheless entertaining cat photos.

Cats at the Museum of London

Flaming Cat Backpacks (This is a real thing, you want to read this one)

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