You may have met Hamnet, but do you know Susanna and Judith?
William Shakespeare and his wife, Anne, had three children and one grandchild. This week, we take a look at Shakespeare’s children inside this episode of Did Shakespeare. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How many kids did Shakespeare have in total?
  • Why Shakespeare doesn’t have any direct descendants today
  • Which child died at only eleven years old
  • The name of William’s granddaughter
  • The man Susanna Shakespeare married, and what her father was writing at the time.
  • Which sites in Stratford Upon Avon are the best to visit when you want to learn more about Shakespeare’s kids
  • Why Judith Shakespeare was the black sheep of the Shakespeare family (and the surprising impact her decisions may have had on Shakespeare’s life.)


Shakespeare’s Dark Lady Wasn’t a Woman

Historians and academics alike have battled it out in an epic war of wits and research over which historical woman

was Shakespeare’s Dark Lady featured in Sonnets 127-154.

In this short guide, I’ll walk you through five reasons I think Shakespeare’s Dark Lady wasn’t a woman, at all.

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