This past weekend I was in Stratford Upon Avon for The Shakespeare Film Festival, put on annually by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. It was a wonderful weekend! I was able to tour the area and will be posting blogs and pictures of my travels for you to get to see some of rich Shakespeare history in that area in the coming weeks. Here’s the short story about how my short film took home its’ first award at The Shakespeare Film Festival.



As I walked into the room for the event, I was worried immensely that I had dressed too casually. The hostess for the evening looked very regal and high fashion in her sequined dress, and the announcer wore a tuxedo! Nevertheless, here I stood in my slacks and dress shirt. Honestly, I was so thrilled to be there at all that the outfit was only a minor thought.

I met many Shakespeareans at this event, and it was an incredible opportunity to connect with other people who care about Shakespeare’s history and want to see it continued. I felt outclassed for sure as they announced the nominees, backed by their donors, organizations, partnerships, and years of experience. I felt like the little American girl from the States who had made her first film and brought it to England to try and impress people–and well, that’s exactly what I was!

As they read out the nominees, then screened my film, I held my breath and waited on the announcement. Then it came! I WON! Oh, I was thrilled. I approached the stage and had to give a speech. It was short because I had not expected to have to do that! It was true and from the heart. I was so glad they enjoyed my film and I truly had received the inspiration and validation I needed to confidently go forward to make more Shakespeare films.

I’m now an award winning filmmaker, and it’s incredible to say that! I will work hard to learn, grow, and produce more art that celebrates Shakespeare!

Thank you for following along with me as I travelled through the live videos on Facebook and cheering in the comments when the film won it’s first award! It was so encouraging to read all of your notes while I was so far from home. You can watch this award winning film on the youtube channel here. Please subscribe while you are there! More animated Shakespeare will be coming your way! 🙂

Ever Onward, Only Forward. Let’s go make more movies about Shakespeare!

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