Each week here at That Shakespeare Girl, I share a video on YouTube exploring one aspect of Shakespeare’s life, times, food, writing, and general lore. After each video, I post an article here in the blog that shares the text of the video (which often contains more than I could cram into a video), as well as links to further research so you can keep exploring!

My videos are not extensive academic studies, but bite sized explorations into learning more about William Shakespeare for those who like him and want to study about him in short bits.

For those of you that do enjoy going more in depth (which I totally understand since I go in depth to make this videos and it is quite fun), I like to provide both the complete write ups I used to make the videos, as well as links to the research I used to put together the answers to the questions we ask in the Did Shakespeare series.

So for this week, we ask the question “Did Shakespeare wear an earring?” You can watch the video here or on YouTube to learn what conclusion I come to based on this limited research, and you can keep scrolling to see the text and links.

If you explore this topic further and discover something new, please share with us in the comments so we can learn with you! That’s what this space is all about, after all, is generating fun conversations about cool Shakespeare topics for a community of people who love the bard and 16th century England.

Text of the video:

In Depth Sources For You To Explore

Bill Byson’s Book, The World As Stage

William Harrison’s Document Talking about Men’s Fashion 1577 From Kent Archeological Society

Dr. Taryna Cooper at the National Portrait Gallery

World of Shakespeare: Chandos Portrait

Ornament Studio Looks at Shakespeare’s Earring

First Folio

Searching For Shakespeare by Taryna Cooper